20-mm Custom Color 5:1 Coil (100/box - up to 180 sheets)

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We offer a wide selection of customization opportunities for spiral binding coils. Made of a durable and flexible plastic, these coil binding spines can be personalized with special-order colors, color matching, and custom cut lengths. Having a list of special-order colors available means you have more colors to choose from than stocked spiral binding coils that can still ship fairly quickly (normally within one week, depending on the production schedule). In addition the colors available on our special-order list, we can also produce color-matched coils to meet stringent company guidelines. Custom cut coils can be ordered in nearly any length, which can eliminate the hassle and waste normally associated with cutting to size.

All custom plastic coils are available in our full range of sizes from 6 to 50 mm coils. We produce quality custom bindings at reasonable prices to meet the demands of your business. 


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