Round stitching wire - for use with 305/306/405/406 Binderymate/Stitchmaster Wire Spools (2 pack)

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Round stitching wire - for use with the ISP 306/406 & 305/405 Binderymate wire stitchers. Package includes 2 spools of #25 gauge round wire. Each spool is 5 pounds.

For binderies and print manufacturers that make booklets, catalogs, magazines, and other spine-stapled books using stitching machines, our galvanized saddle stitching wire is a premium supply choice. Our staple binding wire is the highest quality on the market, manufactured in the USA and completely CPSIA compliant. Galvanized stitch wire is considered the traditional material, and is silver in color.  

For use with many popular bookletmakers worldwide - such as the ISP B1000 and B2000 bookletmakers, DUPLO DBM-series, Standard Horizon SPF-series, and many more. Each package includes 2 spools of #25 gauge round wire - each spool is 6.5 pounds.


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