5551-06 EP Automatic Hydraulic Programmable Cutter

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21-5/8" fully-automatic programmable cutter - hydraulic clamp & blade w/ 3-5/8" cutting height capacity - storage of 99 job settings and ultimate safety features including lightbeams.
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21-5/8" cutting width - efficient and accurate cutting is ensured with this hydraulic-powered guillotine cutter. The Triumph 5551-06-EP comes standard with safety features such as true 2-hand cutting activation, automatic blade/clamp return from any position in the cycle and front safety light beams. Push-button controls and the digital cut position LED display are accurate to 1/10th of a mm or 1/100th of an inch. Programmability extends the Digicut's efficiency by storing up to 99 custom jobs, with 99 cut steps in each program. This cutter performs with push-button ease while delivering quick productivity and capacity, especially for common cut jobs.

  • Four side guides for exact paper alignment
  • Safety light beams halt operation when interrupted
  • Electronic hand wheel allows for variable speed adjustments of back gauge
  • Back gauge is easily moved with keypad, stored program or hand wheel
  • Haydrualic-driven blade delivers ultimate power
  • The automatic paper clamp applies firm pressure along the entire cutting length
  • Adjustable hydraulic clamp pressure
  • Solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides
  • Easy blade changing from front of the machine
  • Transparent safety guards on rear table
  • Optical cutting line indicates the exact position of the cut
  • False clamp and foot-pedal for pre-clamping
  • Optional side tables extend operator work surface

5551-06 EP Programmable Cutter Specifications
Cutting Width 21-5/8"
Cutting Height 3-5/8"
Narrow Cut 1-1/4" (2-3/8" with Faslse Clamp)
Program Capabilities 99 storage jobs - with 99 steps each
Cutting Length behind Knife 22-7/16"
Table Length in front of Knife 18"
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz (20 amp dedicated fuse required)
Dimensions (w/stand) 42" W x 54" H x 55" D (64" W with side tables)
Weight 970 lbs.(1007 lbs. with side tables)


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