8" H x 10" W Black Cloth Pinchbook™ Photo Books [With Window] (5/bx) - 85810BLKCLL

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8" X 10" Pinchbook Covers With Window - 5-pk

Pinchbook™ hard covers are a completely unique product that let you DIY photo books from the comfort of your home, without any special equipment or glue mess. Easy to use, all you do is open the cover all the way, insert your sheets into the patented spine, and then close the covers. It's that fast and that simple to make your own photo book or hard cover. The unique spine creates a secure bind that does not allow any pages to become loose and fall out, however the cover can be easily re-opened and edited as needed. The design offers a professional and premium look, but at a price point that everyone can attain. With these unique Pinchbooks™ you can make your own photo albums, baby books, school year books, as well as more professional hard cover books, such as real estate books, restaurant cocktail menus, and so much more. Buy Pinchbook™ photo books DIY photo albums online in either leather or cloth materials, and in a huge selection of sizes, many available with and without windows in the front cover. They will hold up to about 35 sheets of standard copy paper, or about 25 sheets of photo paper.

How to Use Pinchbooks™

① Open the covers all the way so they touch
② Insert your sheets or photos into the spine
③ Close the covers & you're done


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