Accel Air 1 Bubble Wrap Packaging Film Rolls (2 per box) - 05ACCELABUB

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Bubble Wrap replacement film for the Accel Air 1 or WIAIR 1000 packaging machine

These Accel Air 1 air cushion packaging film rolls are made of a 100% recyclable HDPE material that resists punctures and is incredibly durable. They are an ecologically-friendly and easy-to-use void fill alternative to eliminate the mess associated with packing peanuts, reduce the storage space requirements for packing materials, and ensure your products will be protected throughout the entire packaging and delivery.
This unique air packing film is available in two different options: pad air tubes and single air pillows. The pad air tubes look similar to bubble wrap. However, the small cushions are connected, so they are faster and easier to fill with air. This packing material can be used as void fill for your boxes or to actually wrap your materials as well. The air pillows are a continuous roll of larger cushions that are primarily used for void fill, ensuring your products remain as still as possible in their boxes during transit and protecting them from damage. Both films are pre-perforated for easy tearing to the proper size that you need.

Air Packing Film Features:

   • Make various cushion sizes on-demand
   • Versatile, on-demand packaging
   • Saves valuable warehouse space
   • Fast & easy to to fill using the Accel Air 1 air packaging machine
   • Clean, professional looking packages
   • Outstanding, lightweight packaging
   • Enhanced protection
   • Film is 100% recyclable and ecologically friendly
  Pad Air Tubes Single Air Pillow
Common Apllications Cushion Wrap for Materials & Void Fill Void Fill
Roll Size 15 ¾" x 11 ⅖" x 985' 7 ⅘" x 3 ⁹/₁₀" x 985'
Pillow Size (Pre-Perforated) 15 ¾" x 11 ⅖" (400 x 290mm) 7 ⅘" x 3 ⁹/₁₀" (200 x 100 mm)
Roll Yield 1,350 Pieces 2,700 Pieces
Rolls / Box 2 Rolls / Box 4 Rolls / Box

Also compatible with older model: WiAir 1000


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