Baum B12A Paper Folder (Semi-automatic setup)

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The Baum B12A tabletop folder (auto fold & size/manual delivery feed wheel setup) combines proven folding technology and friction feeding with the latest automation design features for a high-productivity, high quality folding solution.
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With ease of use and semi-automatic setup, the Baum B12A paper folder is a top choice for any mid volume production needs. Just press a button to automatically move the fold plates to the correct position based on the paper size and pattern selected. All you have to do is set the delivery/stacker wheels. Choose from any of 18 pre-programmed, popular fold patterns or program in up to 25 more of your own. A variable speed control allows up to 21,100 pieces per hour. The telescoping outfeed tray allows for up to 500 folded signatures before having to be unloaded. Automatic fault detection stops the folder operation in the event of paper jams. The AutoBatch feature allows for folding into batches (i.e. the folder would stop every 50 pieces until you start it again). The Baum B12A is perfect for print shops, copy centers, churches, schools, or any facility looking to fold jobs with easy setup – especially with multiple operators. It's also one of the very few choices for folding multi-sheet sets without going to expensive mail inserter/folders. This optional feature is a top loading, multi-sheet feeder for manual insertion of up to 3 sheets (loose or stapled) allowing folding all together as a set – similar to multi-page statements where all the pages are folded in on each other.


  • Automated setup of fold plates, manual setup of delivery wheels
  • 20,100 folds per hour letter fold 11" long paper
  • 18 pre-programmed fold settings
  • 25 custom fold jobs memory
  • Large LCD Interface
  • Autobatch programmable batching to a pre-numbered of sheets with a start/stop delay
  • Thick stock mode to temporarily increase speed for thicker stocks
  • Seven point fold stops for crisp, accurate folds of larger paper
  • Noise reduction with enclosed and insulated fold plates
  • Multiple set feeder optional
Baum B12A Paper Folder Specifications
Paper Sizes (W x L) 3.5" x 5 " up to 12.25" x 18"
Stock Weights 13 # to 70# bond/book/offset
(dependent on grain and paper type)
Maximum Folding Speeds 21,100 sheets/hour
(based on feeding 11" long sheets)
Feed Tray Capacity 500 sheets
Paper Size Presets 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17"
Programmable Modes 18 presets, 25 programmable custom fold memory settings
Electrical 110/1/60V, 2.0 amps, 5 fuse protect
Weight / Shipping Weight 73 lbs. / 78 lbs.
Dimensions 33" W x 20" D x 19" H (retracted)
60" W x 20" D x 19" H (extended)
Warranty (Manufacturer's) 1 Year Defective Parts (some restrictions apply)
Popular Preset Fold Patterns:
Preset Fold Formats


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