10" Wide Calendar Hook Wire Hangers (100 piece pack)

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10"-wide calendar hook wires - 100-pack

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Wondering how to hang a wall calendar? Use these premium wire calendar hangers, paired with our wire binding supplies to make a beautiful wall-hanging calendar that flips 360° so just 1 sheet shows at a time. With these wire hook hangers, you can easily DIY your own calendars in just a few easy steps, in just a few minutes, and for just a couple of dollars per calendar. You can buy calendar hangers in either white or black, and in several different lengths from 4" to 12". You don't need to choose a size that spans the entire width of your calendar for a sturdy finish; most customers choose a length that is about 2-4" shorter than their calendar pages themselves. However, it is completely up to the user's preference. 


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