GBC CC2700 Coil Inserter

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Make an impression with your Color Coil® bound presentations. The GBC CC2700 dual-action roller system gets spines through punched sheets with reliable ease, and three adjustable spine-size settings ensure instant accuracy.
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The GBC CC2700 Electric Coil Binder offers an innovative solution for Color Coil(TM) binding, one of the most exciting binding styles used today. Electrically wind coil elements into a pre-punched document and complete the process with hand crimpers (Included). Whether you're binding in an office or commercial environment, the CC2700 allows you to achieve a new look in a hurry. The GBC CC2700 Electric Spiral Coil Inserter is arguably the best coil inserter on the market. With dual spinning rollers, easy roller adjustment and a patented spine shaper on the top of the unit the CC2700 is compact, easy to use and blends perfectly with the GBC / Ibico line of modular punching equipment. If you need a modular coil inserter, you should definitely consider the GBC CC2700.

Product Details

  • Electrically winds coil elements from 5mm to 33mm, any pitch.
  • Hand crimpers complete the binding process and can be stored in a built-in pocket in the CC2700.
  • Bottom roller adjusts to 3 positions allowing for maximum roller contact for all coil sizes.
  • Exclusive spine former helps shape the punched edge of the document to the coil curve, speeding up insertion.
  • Modular design allows the CC2700 to be stacked on any GBC modular punch for space savings or separated for two-person workflow.
  • Documents lay flat or fully wrap around for easy use.
  • GBC part number 7301080 , G7301080


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