Single Challenge CMT-330 Series Three-Knife Trimmer Knife - High-Speed Steel (total length 14.500") - 1 Pc - JH31470HSS

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Single High-speed steel replacement knife blade for the Challenge CMT-330 three-knife trimmers

This is for a single blade only!

If you need to replace the paper cutter knife for your Challenge CMT-330 three-knife trimmer, then you've come to the right place. At CFS Binding Supplies, we offer these replacement cutter blades that measure 14.500" x 2.750" x 0.375" and feature 6 holes.

Buying a replacement blade for your Challenge cutting machine not only guarantees you get a perfectly square and clean cut for your jobs, but is also an importance step for preventative maintenance. Because the cutter is so powerful, the motor will actually drive even a dull blade through stacks, which is bad for the machine, wearing it down faster than normal and, potentially, causing damage and expensive repairs. Don't risk it; buy a replacement blade for your Challenge cutter online today. Or add a second blade to keep on-hand, so you are never left without a perfect cutting tool.  

Product Details

  • Compatible Models: Challenge CMT-330 Three-Knife Trimmer (all)
  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Holes: 6
  • Length: 14.500"
  • With: 2.750"
  • Thickness: 0.375"
  • Part Number: JH-331470 , 31470 , KN314710, 05JYCH31470HS
  • SINGLE KNIFE - Can be used in any position


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