Challenge Spartan 150SA Semi-Automatic Cutter 15-3/4"

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15-3/4" electric cutter (manual clamp) with a 1-1/2" cutting height capacity - Includes LED display for position of backgage.
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15-3/4" cutter with an electric blade drive, this high-quality guillotine cutter delivers efficient cutting. While the machine is designed as a table top, a stand is optionally available. The Spartan 150 is a semi-automatic cutter that makes cutting easy and affordable for any office or printing department. Standard features such as a back gauge with an LED position display and easy external blade adjustment add to its simplicity and safety.

  • Optical cutting line, indicates the exact position of the cut.
  • Safety guards on front and rear tables.
  • Dual push-button controls require the simultaneous use of both hands for safety.
  • Precise backgauge with LED display - adjustments via calibrated hand crank.
  • Optional stand available.
Spartan 150SA Electric Cutter Specifications
Cutting Width 15-3/4"
Cutting Height 1½"
Narrow Cut 1-15/16"
Cutting Length behind Knife 15-1/4"
Table Length in front of Knife 9"
Dimensions 25-3/4" W x 21.5" H x 31" D
Weight 170 lbs.


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