GBC CI12 Coil Inserter & Automatic Crimper

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Effortless wire insertion. The GBC CI12 electric finisher makes creating perfect Color Coil® presentations in record time simple. A unique, adjustable dual-roller system quickly threads Color Coil through punched documents. Built-in dual crimper cuts and crimps both ends in one step.
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The GBC CI12 electric coil inserter/crimper makes it simple to turn out perfect, plastic coil-bound presentations with incredible speed and increased productivity. Its unique, adjustable, dual-roller system quickly threads plastic binding coils through your punched stacks and the built-in dual coil crimper cuts and crimps both coil ends at the same time. Look to the CI12 for the ultimate in speed and productivity for medium to large coil binding volumes/demands.

Key Features:

  • Multiple spine-size settings for faster operation
  • Adjustable cutting and crimping for secure results
  • Ergonomic lever ensures smooth and easy crimping
  • Binds sheets up to 12"


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