Professional Coil Crimping Pliers

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High-quality manual coil crimping pliers.
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High-quality manual crimping pliers. Cuts and crimps coil in one motion and works for both right- and left-handed users. 1. Hold the pliers so the red dot is face up (toward the ceiling).

2. Align the pliers so the teeth are just below the center of the coil.

3. Squeeze the pliers to cut the coil and keep closed.

4. Apply extra pressure to form the crimp & twist clockwise to ensure a proper angle on the crimp.

5. Release the pliers, flip the book over end for end and crimp the other side using the same procedure.

Left Handed - Use pliers as described above, but hold them in your left hand and put the red dot down (toward the floor). Work on the left side of the coil with the bound edge facing you. Squeeze tight & twist clockwise, after cutting. Flip the book & repeat for other side.

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