Ledco Educator 25" Roll Laminator

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25" inch width heavier-duty laminator with simplified controls and basic presets, perfect for schools or churches. Maximum film thickness: 5mil
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The Ledco Educator is a school type laminator with simplified controls and is capable of sealing items up to 25" wide. Integrating reliability, ease of use, and low maintenance, this affordable laminator is perfect for a school or church environment. Features include preset speed, pressure & temperatures, a forced air cooling system, teflon coated heat shoes, and adjustable, in-line slitters on both sides to trim away excess film. Posters, dry erase charts, flash cards, bulletin board graphics, games, visuals and teaching aids of all kinds represent a tremendous investment, whether they were purchased, or made by teachers. Protecting and enhancing these educational materials with lamination allows them to last for years instead of being replaced every few weeks or months. Includes an instructional video to complement the operator's manual.

  • Preset Lamination Pressure and Speed - makes the machine easier to use and eliminates many possible sources of problems. Enclosed laminating and Pull Rollers - help you avoid time-consuming jams and wrap-arounds.
  • Forced Air Cooling - allows laminating with 3 and 5-mil films, as well as the 1.5 mil film often used by schools. Without a film cooling system, thicker films will warp and ripple because they are still hot and partly melted when they come out the back of the laminator.
  • Adjustable Heat Control - easy to use as an oven. Provides easy setup for 1.2 to 5 mil thick films.
  • Fixed-Position Lamination Rollers - provide a stable platform for uniform roll pressure to provide the highest quality lamination available in a school laminator.
  • Attached Safety Shield - the safety shield is fixed to the machine and is placed so that the operator will naturally put it in the guard position before laminating. The shield is made of clear polycarbonate so users can see their work and will not be tempted to try to laminate without the shield in its safe position.
  • Safety Cutter - provides a safe means of cutting work off the machine once it exits the back of the machine. No dangerous tear bar like on other machines that may cut fingers or snag clothing.
  • Reverse Switch - can be essential at times to help avoid problems or clear misfeeds.
  • 100% made in the USA
  • 110V, 50-60 Hz, 15A, 1560 W
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty
Ledco Educator Specifications
Maximum Width 25"
Maximum Film Thickness 5 mil
Speed Up to 5 ft./min.
Adjustable Temperature Yes, Presets
Film Core Size 1"
Heating Method Heat Shoe
Cooling Fans 4
Reverse Yes
Dimensions 32" W x 11" H x 16" D
Weight 76 lbs.
Warranty 2 Year Defective Parts
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