MagnAbracket - Magnetic Base Feet for Sign-A-Bracket (2 bases, bracket not included)

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2 pack of super-strong, magnetic base feet to attach Sign-A-Brackets to metal surfaces.
Turn your SignAbracket into a magnetic mounting bracket for your corrugated plastic signs and substrates. These unique, super strong, rare-earth magnets screw directly onto the "SignAbracket" so you can use them to create positionable signage for most metal surfaces like non-moving vehicles, pallet racking, steel posts and poles. Strong enough to mount as a vertical mount or horizontal mounting base. For larger signs, just use more MagnAbrackets:
Indoor Signs Outdoor Signs
12" x 8" - 2x magnets 12" x 8" - 4x magnets
16" x 12" - 2x magnets 16" x 12" - 4x magnets
24" x 16" - 4x magnets 24" x 16" - 8x magnets

Sold 2 magnet base feet per pack.


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