OLFA SK10 Concealed Blade Safety Knife w 4-Point Adjustable Positioning

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  • Continual blade exposure within a durable stainless steel blade channel
  • Symmetrically shaped, acetone-resistant handle
  • Built-in stainless steel tape splitter
  • No tool blade change
  • Convenient lanyard hole
  • Pre-loaded with a four-point SKB-10 safety blade
  • Cutting depth: 0.16″ (4mm)

The blade in this OLFA® knife is concealed, giving you ultimate protection from unintentional blade access. The knife also features a cutting channel that holds the material in place and builds force for greater cutting ease as well as a tape splitter to prolong blade life. Use this knife to cut light to heavy-duty materials such as cardboard, packaging, film, trimmings, shrink wrap and strapping.


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