PB2600 Electric Comb Spreader

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The GBC PB2600 high capacity, electric CombBind® finisher binds up to 300 presentations per hour. Just set your spine size and get it done in three quick steps. Simply push the button or foot pedal to open the spine, load pages, and push the button again to close.
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The GBC PB2600 is an electric comb finisher that finishes your booklets quickly and consistently without having to pull a lever or handle. Just set your spine size and finish your punched books in three quick steps! Push the button or press on the foot pedal to open the comb, insert your pages, and then just push or press again to close the spine - your books are done!

Key Features:

  • LED spine-size indicator
  • Incremental adjustable knob for fine-tuning while you bind
  • No-flip spine stopper holds large spines in place
  • Angled surface for easy loading and paper alignment


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