Simplex 44" Ruler Cutter

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Maximum Cutting Width: 44"
Maximum Thickness: .4"
Overall Dimensions: 49.5" W x 6" D x 2.5" H
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The Simplex is an economical ingenious cutting solution which offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a craft knife and straight edge. The innovative design of the Simplex guarantees straightness to be within 1mm (0.039") over its entire length. Using the Simplex could not be easier; just place the cutting bar on the material to be cut, align it with the image registration or crop marks, depress the cutting head and push or pull it along to cut. The cutter bar is fitted with two full-length rubber strips on the underside that grip tenaciously to any surface without marking! Ideal for cutting:

  • PVC foamboard up to 6mm (.25") thick
  • Foam-centered board up to 10mm (.4") thick
  • Honeycomb and corrugated plastics
  • Vinyl and plastic film
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard 

Includes: metal ruler unit, 1 cutting head, & 100 medium duty blades

Guarantees: Comprehensive 5-year guarantee, 20-year free replacement guarantee on all bearings


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