OLFA PA2 Pro Load Multi Blade Cutter

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  • Auto-lock blade actuator
  • High-impact ABS handle
  • Automatic blade-loading mechanism stores up to five blades
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Pre-loaded with a 9mm ABB precision ultra-sharp black snap-off blade

If you use a lot of blades on a regular base, this is the OLFA® knife for you!

This knife holds up to five blades for up to 65 fresh cutting edges in just a snap. When a blade segment gets dull, simply snap it off for a new one and continue working. When you have used all of the segments on a blade, just slide the blade actuator forward to eject the blade and then slide it all the way back to automatically load a new blade.

This knife will deliver precision cuts through vinyl, window film, wallpaper, and more while also standing up to packaging, shrink wrap, caulking, foam board, and other materials.

Insist on genuine OLFA Japanese products!


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