Shipping Locations

Wondering where your order will ship from? Utilizing multiple warehouses across the USA helps us to keep prices low and to get your items to you quickly. The following list of supplies indicates which states they will most likely ship from (dependent upon current stock levels):

  • Banner / Sign Supplies: CA
  • Binding Supplies / Colored Covers: CA, NJ, TX, IL
  • Clear Covers: CA, NJ, TX, IL
  • Covers (Frosted / Matte): CA
  • Copier Tabs: CA, NJ, TX, IL
  • Cutter Supplies: CA, IL
  • Drill Bits / Supplies: IL, CA, NY
  • Foam Boards: CA, WA, NV, AZ, TX, MN, IL, TN, MO, OH, GA, FL, MD, MA
  • Foam Board Hangers: CA
  • Glue Dots: CA, NJ
  • Grommets: CA
  • Lamination Film: CA, NJ, IL
  • Mailing Labels: CA, NJ
  • Passport Supplies: CA, IL
  • Padding Supplies: CA
  • Ring Binders: CA, NJ, TX, IL
  • Screw Posts (Plain Aluminum): CA, NJ
  • Screw Posts (Colored & Plastic): CA
  • Shrinkwrap Film: CA, NJ, TX, IL
  • Sign / Banner Supplies: CA
  • Staples: CA
  • Stitching Wire: WI, CA

If you absolutely need to confirm which warehouse will be utilized for your order, please contact us to confirm stock, availability and shipping transit times - we're here to help.

For complete shipping details, check out our comprehensive shipping information page.

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