Binding Supplies

Deciding on the best binding style doesn’t have to be so difficult. Our selection of book binding supplies is divided by binding style to make your search easier. Coil or spiral binding is a modern method in which continuous coils are spun through closely spaced holes.  If you deal primarily in graphic design, wire book binding materials may be the best solution for your printed documents. This method uses a continuous hinge of paired loops to bind books together, and we offer an array of standard lengths for letter size documents.

In addition to coils and wires, we also offer an assortment of plastic binding combs, Velobind, and Coverbind binding strips. Our selection of thermal book binding supplies includes flex covers, spines, and hard covers for a variety of documents. Binder rings are also economical, and they allow you to make all your editing projects simple. Securely bind thick materials using our durable screw posts or stock up on stitching wire and staples. The possibilities are endless with the right book making supplies!

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