1.5-mil GBC Nap-Lam I 18" X 500' - Box of 2 Rolls - 3000003

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This GBC 1.5 Mil Clear NAP-LAM I 18" x 500' - 3000003 is the most economical Polyester-based thermal films made by GBC. These films are the most commonly used with the GBC Ultima65 Laminator and other school grade laminators and they provide excellent bonding strength for items with porous surfaces and light ink coverage. The 1.5 Mil 18" x 500' Clear NAP-LAM I film is general purpose polyester based light gauge films designed for two-side laminating. Utilizing a standard polyethylene adhesive layer, This GBC 1.5 Mil Clear NAP-LAM I 18" x 500' - 3000003 is lend to economical laminating of printed documents, including educational classroom materials.

  • Load film into your laminator using patented, lightweight AutoGrip shafts or traditional steel shafts, which utilize thumb screws and core chucks.
  • Give your documents a professional finish. Matte film does not reflect light, which creates a polished looked. Perfect for bus tags and folders.
  • NAP I film is the most common type of roll film and is ideal for everyday projects. It is compatible with most thermal roll laminators, including the GBC Ultima 65.


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