Coil Binding

Spiral binding plastic coils are one of the most popular traditional binding methods available. They consist of a continuous spiraled coil that is made of a durable and flexible plastic. To bind, these spiral coil binding spines are spun through several closely spaced holes, and then crimped in on the edges. They allow your book pages to flip all the way around from front to back, and are extremely flexible and durable, so will bounce-back to their original shape, even after heavy use and bending. This makes them the best binding solution for schools, travelling sales people, product manuals, and so much more. If you're ready for one of the most durable binding spines available, then buy standard spiral binding plastic coils online at CFS today.

Spiral binding coils offer a more modern and durable way to bind books over the traditional comb spines, while still being affordable and simple to use. A benefit of spiral binding coils over many other binding methods it that, coil bound books have the ability to flip pages completely around a full 360° without damaging the contents, so they can lay flat and stay flat. The variety of colors available is vast, with colors including black, white, clear, red, blue, maroon, green, and more! Special-order colors, like yellow and pink, are also available by request - call (888)237-3221 for a quote on custom colored coils. Sizes range from 6mm (1/4") up to 50mm (2") allowing for books as thick as about 440 sheets of 20 lb. bond to be bound.

Please note that the colors shown below are approximate digitized representations of the actual colors, colors will vary from computer to computer.

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