Comb Binding

We stock plastic binding combs in a large variety of colors and sizes. Color choices include: black combs, blue combs, clear combs, gray combs, green combs, maroon combs, navy combs, red combs, and white combs. Sizes range from as small as 1/4" binding combs that will bind up to about 25 sheets of paper, up to as large as 2" for 425 sheets* of paper. Smaller sizes up to 1 ⅛ are round, while large binding comb sizes from 1 ¼" up to 2" are oval shaped, and feature three locks that help keep the comb closed securely around your pages. Sizes from 1/4" through 1 ½" are packaged with 100 binding combs per box, while 1 ¾" and 2" are packaged with 50 per box.

The standard length for these traditional plastic binders is 11" with 19 total rings, perfect for standard letter size papers and books. Commonly used for cookbooks and children's books, plastic binding comb spines work perfectly when paired with one of our plastic comb binding machines. They are made of a durable PVC plastic that features a spine with rings attached that open on one side. The spine on plastic combs is one of the unique features that makes comb binders such a popular solution, because they can be custom printed with your company logo, school name, or book title. This economical binding method also allows for easy and fast book editing, as the combs can be re-opened and closed shut as many times as is needed without damaging the book pages.

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