Wire Binding

Wire-O binding is known by many names: double-loop, double-o, duo-wire, and also twin-loop binding. This method uses a continuous hinge of double wire loops to hold book covers and pages together. Graphic designers prefer this method, because it offers a stylish metal finish in a variety of colors. This traditional method of wire binding secures pages, so that they cannot be modified without unbinding the book. Books bound using the Wire-O method tend to lie flat, and sheets can turn 360°, which is ideal for calendars or notebooks. Pair with our Wire-O machines that range from low volume to full production floor models. Browse our selection of Wire-O binding supplies today to find 11" wire options, spools, hangers, and much more.

For businesses who need to create professional-quality books, Wire-O binding is the best solution. This kind of binding offers a clean and high-class appeal that is unmatched by any other traditional binding method. Our selection of Wire-O binding supplies includes twin-loop wire spines in an array of pitch options and color varieties.  We also offer a selection of wire calendar hangers and manual thumb cut punch machines to make crafting easy for everyone. With a pack of 100 wire hangers, you can DIY your own wall-hanging calendars in just a few simple steps, and spend as little as just a couple dollars per calendar.

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