Laminating Pouches

One of the main problems with paper documents is that they can only withstand a certain amount of handling. Over time, paper can become torn, stained, and so on. It will also yellow if enough time passes. That’s why pouch laminators were invented. These devices make it possible for everyone to protect their documents with laminating film.

If you have a laminator, you won’t need very many supplies to use it. In fact, you only need to have a selection of laminating pouches. A pouch is basically just a piece of plastic that’s folded in half. You stick your document in it and then run it through your laminator. 

If you’re at a loss and really don’t know what to get, consult the instruction manual that came with your laminator. It should tell you which thickness will work and then all you really need to do is select a pouch that’s large enough for your item. It’s really that easy. Good luck with your projects and happy laminating!

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