1/8" Coverbind Linen with Window Thermal Binding Covers (90 / Box) - Navy 08CBLW18NAVY

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1/8" Spine - For 15 To 30 Sheets

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1/8" Spine - For 15 To 30 Sheets

These wrap-around Coverbind thermal binding covers are made of a premium 100 lb. textured linen that elevates your presentation, and offers an impressive finished look. They are stocked in a clean navy blue linen, and feature a 5 ³/₈” wide and 3 ⁹/₁₆” high cutout window on the front that shows a portion of your first page; perfect for a document title and photos to indicate what you are binding. The covers are pre-scored on both the front and the back for easy opening/closing. They are manufactured for 8 ½" wide by 11" high letter size documents (portrait orientation) and sit flush with your pages, without overhang. They come in a large selection of spine sizes from as small as 1/16" for thin documents up to 15 sheets*, up to as large as 2" for thick documents with up to 500 sheets*.

Thermal binding covers have never been as strong as impressive as Coverbind, and their glue is what sets them apart for several reasons. For one, the glue is pre-applied into the spine without pouring, which guarantees that when it heats up, there will be no seeping over the edges, keeping the glue exactly where it is supposed to be. The glue type is also EVA, which is the strongest glue makeup for document binding available. In addition, there is a hidden cotton mesh strip within the glue that, as the glue liquefies in your machine, helps align the pages and grip each one evenly, ensuring that the first pages are just as strong as the middle and last pages. The bind is incredibly strong and unmatched by any other brand. It can be found in all of the Coverbind thermal binding covers.

Popular Applications

   • Real estate proposals & featured home highlights
   • Client presentations, quotes, & proposals
   • Monthly, quarterly, & annual reports and summaries
   • Business goals, updates, and achievements
   • Thesis presentations
   • Product manuals and instructions
   • Training documents and reference guides
   • Anything else you can imagine...the options are endless!

The Coverbind Difference & Benefits

   • Huge variety of covers - Coverbind has the widest variety of kinds of covers that you can choose from, giving you the versatility you need to meet the demands of every customer.
   • Automated machines - Coverbind is the only thermal binding manufacturer that has produced an automatic machine, and the only one that can achieve the amazing speeds that go along with it.
   • Strongest glue - Coverbind is the only brand that uses an EVA thermal binding adhesive, which is the strongest binding glue on the market.
   • Cotton mesh strip - The addition of a hidden cotton mesh strip[ within the glue adds even more strength-of-bind. As the glue liquefies in your machine, the strip is exposed and helps align your sheets by pulling them in tight, and grips them with a hold that can't be beat.
   • Glue is not poured - Because the glue is not poured into the spine when Coverbind applies it, there is no possibility of seeping out when melted. This specially-placed glue strips ensure the glue stays where it is supposed to, and will coat every page evenly, so even those middle pages are held strong. 

 * Specifications based on 20# Bond or equivalent paper


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