19-Hole Plastic Comb & Spiral-O Wire Binding Pre-Punched Paper (Case of 5,000) - 0319HOLE20

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19-Hole Pre-Punched For Plastic Combs and Spiral-O - Case of 5,000 Sheets

Our plastic comb punched paper measures 8 ½" wide x 11" high, so is perfect for print shops who need to fill rush jobs fast, as well as for individuals or low-volume offices that cannot warrant the investment into a comb punching machine. Made of standard 20 lb. bond copy paper, these bright white binding pages (96 brightness) feature standard pitch plastic comb punching with 19 rectangular holes along the 11" edge.

With pre-punched binding pages from CFS Binding Supplies, you can save the time normally associated with punching paper for binding; reducing labor costs and time, machine costs, and user frustration. Buy plastic comb pre-punched paper online today. Sold in cases of 5,000 sheets.


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