100 Pcs 24" X 18" Corrugated Plastic Sheets - 4mm Thick - 006383

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These Canadian-manufactured HI-CORE corrugated plastic sheets are considered to be of the highest quality by printers. 

The sheets are made from high-quality polypropylene and treated with a high-level Corona Treatment. This ensures that even after a long storage time, the sheets will allow the adhesion of virtually any ink or glue system. Hi-Core® is an ideal product with multiple uses in a variety of fields: signage, packaging and construction, to name just a few. The Hi-Core® twinwall profile consists of two skins separated by vertical ribs. This shape gives the sheets impressive rigidity and compressive strength, making them a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to traditional substrates such as metal and plywood. 

The polypropylene resin used to make Hi-Core®, combined with its fluted profile, confer many advantages, including rigidity, flatness and durability. Hi-Core® sheets offer excellent resistance to all weather conditions. Their fluted profile gives them compressive strength and rigidity, which means that they lay flat while being printed digitally or using a silk screen. This flatness ensures excellent printing registration.

Each box contains 100 sheets that measure 4mm thick, 24" wide, and 18" tall.  The flutes run in the 18" length (vertically) and are ideal for use with up to 9-gauge H-framed step stakes.


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