36" Roll-a-Blade Rotary Trimmer

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36" maximum width - carefully designed with self-sharpening tungsten steel blade and premium quality components the Roll-@-Blade Trimmer is guaranteed to give an effortless and professional laminating trim, as well as many years of trouble free service.
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The Roll@Blade trimmer, pronounced roll "a" blade, is a professional paper trimmer that has been carefully designed to handle the daily trimming needs of an office or workshop. The blades are made of durable tungsten steel and are self sharpening, lending to a longer life. The dual cutter rails offer a very smooth and stable motion that lends to an accurate trim. The Roll@Blade has a see-through clamping bar to hold pages in place while not obstructing your view of the cutting line. Metric and English grid ruler markings make getting a perfectly straight line in the perfect location very easy. In addition to paper, the Roll@Blade precision trimmer by Akiles is strong enough to trim newsprint, thin cardboard, laminate films, vellum, aluminum foil, thin vinyl and poly, leather, and many more materials up to 2mm thick.

  • Self-Sharpening Tungsten Rotary Blade: For durability & a sharp cut every time.
  • Ergonomic Metal Blade Carriage: Comfortably fits your hand while safely keeps the blade out of reach.
  • Twin Sliding Poles: Guide the blade with extreme stability, for an accurate cut.
  • Transparent Clamping Bar: Holds the trimming material in place while allowing you to monitor the trimming process.
  • Side Guide & Adjustable Depth Guide: For an easy & precise alignment.
  • Extra wide Work Table With a Grid Ruler Table in Both Metric/English Systems: For a quicker setup.
  • Trimming Capacity: Up to 2.0mm thick.
  • Trimming Materials: Paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, vellum, vinyl, pvc, polyester, leather, veneer, etc.


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