44-Hole Pre-Punched paper for Spiral Binding Coil - Case of 5,000 Sheets - 0344HOLE20

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44-Hole ( Round 0.248 Pitch) Pre-Punched For Spiral Binding Coils - Case of 5,000 Sheets

Speed your binding operations by using our pre-punched paper for plastic coil bindings. Pre-punched paper saves time and money by reducing labor costs. Sheets are all standard letter size, measuring 8 ½" x 11" with the holes punched on the 11" binding edge. Punched binding paper is packaged with 5,000 sheets per case and features 43 round holes. 

White pre-punched binding pages are a popular choice for individual at-home users, classrooms without access to binding equipment, and small businesses that need to bind presentations or books infrequently. Because they don't require any punching equipment, users like these can simply print their pages and then insert the coils in by hand, finishing them with the inexpensive cutter/crimper pliers. The punched paper can also be used with electric inserters such as the Roll-@-Coil, which eliminates the need to manually insert the coils. One step above would be to use an electric inserter and finisher, such as the Finish-@-Coil or Crimp-@-Coil which will not only roll your coils into the pages but will also electrically crimp and cut the coil ends so that you don't need to use the pliers.

With coil pre-punched binding paper you can eliminate the hassle and time associated with traditionally punching paper for spiral binding. Not only can spiral binding machines be a bit expensive for lower-volume users, but it takes more time to punch the sheets while leaving more room for error with different machine settings. Leave the punching to the experts, and buy your spiral binding coil pre-punched paper from CFS Binding Supplies.


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