96" Big Blue Safety Ruler - ECSL96

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The Big Blue Safety Ruler is an American-made, aluminum-body with a stainless steel edge insert and finger guard.  This design gives you maximum performance without compromising your safety!  The anti-slip grip pad helps prevent unwated movement or slipping.  A curved aluminum finger guard is serrated for added grip, and will help keep your fingers intact while cutting.  The Big Blue also features a precision-machined groove along its length, which can be used to guide your cutter head for perfectly straight cuts.

Anodized blue, this will be the last cutting ruler you will own!

  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • No unfinished edges means no black marks on your graphics or fingers
  • Polished and anodized means no fingerprints
  • Blue finish does not chip and makes the ruler easy to find
  • Non-slip grip on bottom keeps knife steady and in place
  • Curved finger guard prevents slips
  • Laser etched graphics and measurements for permanent use
  • Channel on back holds new cutting head (sold seperately) for perfectly straight cuts along its length
  • Optional cutting head attachment cuts up to 1/2" thick soft materials with simple press and pull operation.


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