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High-speed, automatic paper punch capable of producing 40,000 punched sheets per hour completely unattended.
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The Alpha-Doc® has been a staple in the automatic punching market for many years, but the recent improvements have made it even more impressive and versatile than before. With the new and improved Alpha-Doc® MK4 punch, you can produce perfectly punched sheets in any number of binding styles at speeds as fast as 94,200 sheets per hour. This is a cycle speed of 90 cycles per minute, all without the constant presence of an operator. It enhances your finished book appearance, increases productivity, and offers easy setup so your operators don't need any special training or background in mechanical knowledge.

The operation of the Alpha-Doc® MK4 is simple, and only requires the user to setup the machine for the job, press start, and then walk away. This leaves them free to perform other tasks while the machine automatically punches, saving labor costs for your business. It can handle up to 6 full reams of paper at a time with the very large capacity pile feeder and reception bins. The stacker is on separate wheels to allow for easy movement to your binding and finishing machines. In addition, it is extremely versatile. Not only can this industrial binding punch handle bindings of all kinds, (including the incredibly popular Wire-O®, spiral binding coils, and plastic combs, and more), but it can also handle a wide variety of paper stocks, including mixed stocks and tabbed sheets from 16 lb. bond through 110 lb. index and from as small as 5 ⅖" x 5 ⅖" up to as large as 14" x 13" pages. It even works with tabs that are pre-collated as well as wall calendars with a thumbcut hole. The simplified paper path and unique turnover device guarantee that your sheets will be kept in perfect pre-collated order.

Alpha-Doc® Punching Dies:

Our full line of Alpha-Doc® punching dies are made of hardened tool steel, which provides perfect punching with an extremely long die life. Dies can also be sharpened before they are replaced, saving your business more money. Die Options:

   • 3:1 Pitch Square Holes for Wire-O®
   • 3:1 Pitch Round Holes for Wire-O®
   • 2:1 Pitch Square Holes for Wire-O®
   • 2:1 Pitch Round Holes for Wire-O®
   • 4:1 Pitch Round Holes for Spiral Binding Coils
   • 4:1 Pitch Oval Holes for Spiral Binding Coils
   • Round holes for Velo Bind Supplies
   • Rectangular holes for Plastic Comb
   • 3-Holes for Ring Binders

Alpha-Doc® MK4 Key Features:

   • High Productivity - The Alpha-Doc® MK4 has a top speed of 94,200 sheets per hour, or 90 cycles per minute.
   • Large Capacity - The high pile feeder and reception tray can hold up to 6 full reams of paper, leaving more time for your operator to work elsewhere while the machine runs even these large jobs.
   • Versatility - With the ability to run paper from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index, sheet sizes from 5 ⅖" x 5 ⅖" up to 14" x 13", and the variety of punching styles available with the different dies, the Alpha-Doc® MK4 is one of the most versatile automatic punch machines in its class.
   • Simple Operation - The control panel is easy to use for setup of the machine, as well as formatting and changeovers for different dies, which means less training and background knowledge for your operator is needed than with other similar machines.
   • Mobility - The machine is mounted onto heavy duty rolling and locking castors, making initial placement of the machine and re-models/movement simple.

*May vary depending on sheet size, paper stock, operator, and other factors.


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