Baum 714XAPA-2-P-1 Paper Folder - Fully Automatic, Programmable Air-Feed; 714XA; Cart and sound covers come standard with this machine.

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The Baum 714XA is a fully automatic heavy-duty, high-speed, air-feed folder, essentially, a push-button version of the Baum 714XLT that does all the setup for you! The 714XA is a top choice for high volume folding of nearly any type of paper - even glossy or coated stocks!
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Do you need productivity, speed and versatility for your paper folding needs? The Baum 714XA offers all of this plus push-button setup! The 714XA air feed tabletop folder is an automatic version of the popular 714XLT Ultrafold. It combines all the rugged reliability of the larger, industry standard Baum folder models with digitally-controlled setup in a compact, convenient size.

On-screen directions guide you through each step. The microprocessor automatically determines the position for the paper stops and the delivery stacker wheels, and moves them for you accordingly. You can also implement minor fold changes and adjustment using the control panel to change the fold length and delivery wheels in small or large increments. Store custom fold job setups in the 714XA's memory and recall them later with the push of a button!

Setting up a folding job on the 714XA is easily done in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the paper length
  2. Select the desired fold
  3. Load the paper & start the folder!

Glossy & coated stock is never a problem thanks to the Flexifold's vacuum feed system. It also performs superbly well for folding high-speed copier and laser-printed sheets. The Baum 714XA paper folder is one of the fastest folders in its class and is ready to go to work for you anytime and anyplace you need it.

Key Benefits:
  • One sheet test mode
  • Jam detection for feeder, fold plates and delivery stacker
  • Pre-programmed folds
  • Programmable custom fold job storage memory
  • Easily folds coated & glossy sheets
  • Laser-printer & high-speed copier stock capability...up to 14" x 20"
  • Batch counter/total counter
  • Production rate/time measurement displays
  • Variable speed control
  • Fold plate adjustment variations
  • Delivery stacker wheel adjustment
  • Units of Measure conversion
  • Multiple air adjustments for feeding consistency on varying applications
  • Over 20 diagnostic messages displayed
  • Optional stand shown above is available separately
Ships standard with:
  • Sound Covers
  • Perforator Blade Kit
  • Adjustable Scoring Assy.
  • Thin Score Blade & Holder
  • Female Perf Collar
  • Retainer Blade
  • Stripper Assy.
  • Static Reducer
  • Hex Key Set
  • 1 Bottle Surewash
Baum 714XA Modular Paper Folder Specifications
Paper Sizes 3" x 5" to 14" x 20"
Max. Paper Weight 65lb. cover
Folding Speed: Up to 7200" per minute
Feed Tray Capacity 2"
Fold Patterns Half, Engineering, 8-Page, Letter, Accordion, Gate
Power 110V 60HZ
Dimensions 53"(H) x 64 "(L) x 28 "(W)
Weight 450 lbs.
Warranty 3 Years Defective Parts
Easily Handles Common Fold Patterns:
Preset Fold Formats


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