BannerUps PowerTabs - White (for outdoor use - 100 pieces) - BAN011

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approx. 2" x 2" with 5/8" loop extension when applied

Made of a high strength composite film, PowerTabs adhesive grommet tabs are just as strong as regular Banners Ups® and stronger than plastic grommets. This new and unique banner finishing method allows sign shops to make strong, yet inexpensive banner blanks instantly in their own shop. Banner Ups PowerTabs® adhesive grommet tabs are less conspicuous than grommets and blend into the banner substrate for a more pleasing visual effect. They are available in regular size for outdoor banners, mini size for indoor or light duty outdoor use, in white, and now in crystal clear for full-color digital banners.

  • Use Banner Ups PowerTabs® adhesive grommet tabs to turn your digital image into a super-strong outdoor banner – instantly!
  • Crystal Clear PowerTabs® adhesive grommet tabs let your color image shine through. Super strong for outdoor use.
  • No sewing, grommeting or special tools required!
  • Use PowerTabs® adhesive grommet tabs with virtually any banner media, Tyvek®, Coroplast®, Foamcore® , scrim vinyl, or paper.
  • For outdoor banners over 8 feet, add PowerTape® for ultimate strength.
  • approx. 2" x 2" with 5/8" loop extension when applied

Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs were designed to make banner finishing easy, fast, and super-strong. In the past, banner finishing has required special equipment such as a sewing machine or welding machine to create a hem, and a grommet machine to install grommets. All that banner finishing equipment can cost thousands of dollars. The banner maker’s only other alternative was to send out for banner finishing which can add tens of dollars to the cost of each banner and add one or more days to the production, time that the banner customer usually can’t afford.

With Banner Ups adhesive grommet tabs, banner finishing is easy. Simply print your banner, then peel and press to apply Banner Ups, PowerTabs, or EdgeTabs to your banner corners and you are ready to go. For light duty or indoor use, place a rope through the convenient neck loop. For outdoor strength punch a hole through the tab center hole and place rope through the hole. This can as much as triple the strength of your banner finishing when compared to grommets alone. The perfect tool for this is our Banner Ups PowerPunch, a heavy duty hole punch that is specifically designed to punch a clean, properly placed hole through the tab and banner media.

The Banner Ups family of products includes a variety of solutions to meet your precise banner finishing needs. Use Large Banner Ups Tabs for your outdoor needs, and mini Banner Ups for indoor banners. For banners, up to 6 feet (two meters) in length, four tabs at the corners will usually suffice. For outdoor banners always be sure to place rope through the tab center hole for greatest strength.

For banner finishing on banners of more than 6 feet in length, place tabs on the corners and then apply Banner Ups PowerTape over the tabs along the top and bottom edge of the banner. PowerTape is a single-sided tape which is made of a super strong film. Therefore no folding or sewing of a hem is needed to complete your banner finishing.

There is another factor to consider if you are looking for a better banner finishing solution and that is the environment. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the ways to reduce the high cost and devastating environmental impact of landfill waste. One of the problems with metal grommets is that they make perfectly recyclable plastic films, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, non-recyclable! What a waste!

All white Banner Ups products are made of a base of polyethylene film, which means that when you use Banner Ups with any polyethylene plastic film, the entire end product becomes recyclable. No need to remove grommets before recycling. Contact us today to see how Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs can solve your banner finishing challenges!


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