BetterBind COIL-IT Plastic Spiral Coil Binding Machine - BB-COIL-IT

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BetterBind COIL-IT Plastic Spiral Coil Binding Machine

An affordable plastic coil binding machine with a 90-day defective parts warranty from CFS Products!

The BetterBind COIL-IT Coil Binding Machine offers manual punching and electric coil inserting in one compact unit. Featuring a rugged steel construction, the COIL-IT punches a 4:1 round hole pattern (with 46 disengageable pins) for easy coil insertion. The COIL-IT punches up to 20 sheets of 20lb bond paper (or equivalent) at a time, and allows you to electrically 'spin insert' your plastic coils through these same holes up to 12 '' in length and up to 7/8" (or approximately 190 sheets in thickness). Larger coil up to 2'' in diameter will need to be inserted by hand.  The COIL-IT also includes a foot-pedal to start and stop the coil spinner.

The BetterBind COIL-IT is the perfect solution for offices, schools, and libraries!


  • Rugged steel construction is superior to plastic alternatives (end caps, chip try, and pull handle are plastic)
  • Two-arm 'U-Shaped' handle requires less force to punch and can be used by left- or right-handed people
  • 46 fully disengageable pins
  • Manual (hand-operated) punching and electric coil inserting (up to 7/8" diameter coils)
  • Includes foot-pedal roller trigger
  • Includes hand-held coil crimping pliers
  • Open throat design allows for punching of documents longer than 12"-wide
  • Side-adjustable register for properly centered holes
  • Depth margin control of 2.5mm, 4.5mm, or 6.5mm

Quick Intro to the BetterBind Coil-It

Product demonstration video for BetterBind COIL-IT binding machine


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