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In the realm of book binding, combs persist as one of the most popular methods for creating professional documents. Plastic comb binding is an economical choice that employs PVC plastic comb spines with round rings that are spread apart and then closed around a stack of paper. Along with the economical price benefits, this binding method is preferred for applications such as cookbooks and manuals that will be stacked on shelves because of the ability to custom print on the spines. We offer comb binding machines made by some of the most trusted brands in the business, including Akiles, Rhin-O-Tuff®, and many more. Browse our collection today!

We offer comb binding machines at every price point, to ensure that customers like you gain access to cutting-edge technology while staying within your budget. If you require a solution for personal or low-volume book binding needs, look no further. We offer manual machines that are user-friendly while providing professional results. Many of these models can handle books as wide as 14 inches, which works great for offices that deal with letter size, legal size, half size, and other common page sizes.

Deluxe comb binding technology is designed for heavy-duty binding requirements. Quick-change die systems provide the capability for a wide variety of punch methods, and disengageable punch pins allow for a variety of sheet sizes and punching patterns. Automatic comb binding machines are as simple to use as a standard photocopier, which eliminates the need for special training. Enjoy hands-free operation, set up that can be completed in under a minute, and LCD touchscreen controls. James Burn™ machinery is designed with the print-on-demand market in mind, so your operators can quickly set up the machine, press start, and let the machine take care of the rest.

By choosing CFS Binding as your supplier, you reap the benefits of friendly service, fast shipping, price matching, and customization options you won't find anywhere else. We offer many comb binding solutions to meet any need. While you shop, remember to sign up for email offers so you can learn about new releases, featured products, and much more. Best of all, enjoy free shipping when you spend over $50. Please contact us with any inquiries.

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