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Our selection of colored plastic binding combs is available in a huge variety of colors including black, white, clear, red, green, blue, and several more. These binder combs are the standard length of 11", feature 19 rings for letter size documents, and work perfectly with standard plastic comb binding machines. Choose from a large selection of diameter sizes ranging from 1/4" up to 2", allowing for a variety of book thicknesses from as few as 10 sheets to as many as 425 sheets*. These plastic comb binders can be opened and closed around your books as many times as needed, making them perfect for classroom books and cookbooks that will be continuously added to or edited. These durable and inexpensive colored plastic binding combs are the standard for offices and schools. Buy plastic binding combs online for a traditional and easy-to-use book binding solution. Most sizes are packaged with 100 combs per box, but the extra large 1 ¾" and 2" sizes are packaged with 50 per box.

Colors Available In: Black ONLY + a 4-5 day leadtime, prior to shipping.
NOTE: These are 24 ring (24R) combs for 14-inch legal size sheets!Packaged 100/box unless otherwise noted.

Sheet capacities below are based on 20# bond paper.

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