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A lot goes into creating a high quality finished product. With a focus on supplying you with only the best the industry has to offer, CFS Binding Supplies offers a selection of Fastback® binding supplies to help you create something durable and pleasing in appearance. Designed to work with the Fastback Binding Machines, these strips are the perfect way to ensure a sturdy construction in the finished product. The quality Powis binding strips are very easy to use and create a flat finished bound book that is great for presentations, mailers and so much more. The tape binding strip is applied to the spine of your book block creating a fast and beautifully-bound finished book. This binding method is popular because of how easy it is to accomplish, requiring no paper punching or hassle. In as little as 20 seconds your Powis Fastback® Super Strip combined with a compatible Fastback binding machine can create a clean and professional soft cover tape bound book. Powis strips come in several different styles, colors and sizes so you can accomplish a variety of book sizes; there are even options that can be printed on-demand for unique branding opportunities. 

With a focus on supplying you with the highest quality products at affordable prices, our inventory features several choices bearing the signature quality of this brand and solution. Available in a variety of colors, these Powis binding strips are available in narrow, medium, and wide to provide a sturdy and secure placement for spines of various sizes. Whether looking for the popular Super Strips or strips you can customize, we have the Fastback® binding supplies you need to ensure a secure hold for a durable end result. Find everything you need in this convenient selection of affordable solutions

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