Challenge Champ 150 15" Hydraulic Paper Cutter - U. S. Made - CMC-150CHA, 04CHLCHAMP150

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Fully-hydraulic 15 paper cutter - MADE IN THE U.S.!

Since 1870, The Challenge Machinery Company has been synonymous with quality American-manufactured products. The Champ 150 continues this rich tradition!

The Challenge Champ 150 Hydraulic Paper Cutter is the strongest 15" paper cutter on the market, and proudly designed and manufactured in the USA (Norton shores, MI to be exact). The Champ 150 was designed to fit most smaller-footprint locations, but features the design strength found in larger-sized cutters.  The Champ 150 features hydraulic clamping and cutting, which allows you to process a wide-range of material substraits.  The Champ 150 can operate in CLAMP ONLY mode or CLAMP/CUT mode.  This CLAMP ONLY mode is helpful to pre-flatten booklet spines!

The Champ 150 is built on a heavy-duty welded frame, and features H-casters that allows it to be able to roll through a 29" doorway without removing the table.  This makes it incredibly flexible for many small-footprint applications, without compromising features and capabilties.

The Champ 150 features a digital display of cut length setting shown in either inches or metric, and also includes a red line light cut indicator. The front safety tilt shield covers the cutting area.  The main power switch is a lock-out/tag-out style to prevent unauthoized use of the machine.

This Challenge Champ 150 Hydraulic Paper Cutter uses standard 120 volt, 20 amp power and includes the power cable.



  • 15" Cutting Width
  • Perfect for cutting high volumes or thick stocks in small formats
  • Hydraulic knife drive
  • Hydraulic clamp drive
  • Front safety tilt shield covers cutting area
  • Clamp only cycle or clamp and cut cycle
  • Digital display of cut length setting
  • Displays inches or metric
  • Lock out power switch
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Narrow footprint allows machine to roll through 29" doorway


  • Cutting Width: 15"
  • Clamp Opening: 2"
  • Maximum Cut: 12"
  • Minimum Cut: 1.75"
  • Machine Width: 28"
  • Machine Depth: 34"
  • Max Clamp Pressure: 2350 lbs.
  • Power: 120volt / 60Hz / 1-phase / 20 amp service


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