Challenge Champ 185Pro 18.5" Hydraulic Paper Cutter - U. S. Made - 185CHA-PT

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Fully-hydraulic 18.5 paper cutter - MADE IN THE U.S.!

The CHAMP 185Pro series delivers hydraulic powered strength and durability with easy to use controls to the 18” cutter market that is crowded with weaker electric motor powered machines. The CHAMP's strong ¼” thick cold rolled steel weldment frame offers a superior design, allowing operators to cut today's hard stocks accurately in piles of up to 3.25” high.

Proudly manufactured at our factory in Michigan, the USA made CHAMP 185Pro cutter has wheels with lockable casters, allowing the machine to easily be moved - even through standard 36” wide doorways.

The new Pro system provides intuitive controls designed for both new users and cutting professionals. The 7.5" full-color display with quick-response capacitive touch enables fluid controls and more powerful features.

The Pro systems includes fast backgauge positioning, continuous cut history (cut-and-record), advanced job creation, USB & built-in memory, step-and-repeat, instant unit conversion (in-mm), and many more features. Get the most out of your machine with the CHAMP 185Pro.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the CHAMP 185Pro continues our legacy of providing assurance you made the right decision.


  • 18.5” cutting width / 3.25” clamp opening
  • Hydraulic clamping and cutting – 2,350 lbs. pressure
  • 120 volt 1-phase power / optional 220 volt motor
  • Adjustable clamp pressure
  • Maximum cut 19” / minimum cut .75” (or 1.75” with false clamp plate)
  • Red LED optical cut line-light indicator
  • Machine dimensions 33.5” wide (tilt shield) x 42” deep
  • Optional false clamp plate
  • Optional pre-clamp foot pedal
  • Optional light beam system replaces the front tilt shield
  • One HHS knife, three cutting sticks, wood jogging aid, tool kit, knife change holder assembly, and operator's manual included
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE certified
  • Manufactured in the USA

Pro System Features:

  • Adjustable angle 7.1” color touch screen controller
  • Programmable with 99 programs / 99+ cuts per program memory
  • Clean layout and easy to navigate software
  • Micro adjustment backgauge with hand knob
  • Repeat and loop commands to simply program repetitive cut sequences
  • Custom prompt creation in jobs
  • Simple program adjustments to address wandering registration by the printer
  • USB port for expandable memory storage
  • instant job generation from cuts history (cut-and-record)
  • built-in step-and-repeat function


  • Cutting Width: 18-1/2” / 470 mm
  • Clamp Opening: 3-1/4” / 82mm
  • Maximum Cut: 19” / 482mm
  • Minimum Cut: 3/4” / 19mm
  • Machine Width: 33-1/2” / 851 mm
  • Machine Depth: 43-1/2” / 1105 mm
  • Max Clamp Pressure: 2350 lbs.
  • Power: 120volt / 60Hz / 1-phase / 20 amp service
  • Power option 1: [Optional] 220 Volt AC, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 10 Amp (service size: 20 Amp) – power cord included
  • Power option 2: [Optional] 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase, 10 Amp (service size: 20 Amp) – power cord included


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