Challenge Spartan 150 Series Cutting Sticks 16" x 1/2" sq. (12 ea.) - 60057-R

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Challenge Spartan 150 replacement cutting sticks - 12 per package

Use this 16" Cutting Sticks for Spartan 150 when your current cutter stick is worn on all sides and the quality of your cut is diminishing. Get 12 cut sticks with every order. Our white cut sticks are part of the BLADESAVER line--self-healing, non-abrasive, and perfect for use with any grade of steel knife.  Only the best from CFS Binding Supplies!

Product Details

  • Compatible Cutters: Spartan 150
  • Types: KIMO white
  • Width: 0.495"
  • Height: 0.495"
  • Length: 16"
  • Shape: 1/2" Square
  • Retail Knife Part #: 60011-1, JH-31460, 31460


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