CoilMac-ER Manual Punch w/Compact Electric Coil Inserter (4:1 round holes)

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Manual 4:1 coil punch with integrated electric coil inserting roller - includes crimping pliers! A great value to speed up your booklet production. Punching Capacity: 12 Sheets Oval Die Also Available
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The CoilMac-ER features a manual 4:1 pitch punch and an integrated electric roller inserter to make quick work of spinning coils into your booklets with just the press of a foot pedal! Akiles is known for affordable yet heavy-duty, metal construction and simple, easy-to-use binding machines. Five disengeageable pins and the 13" open punching throat work together with the Continuous Punching guide for professional, clean punches on nearly any paper size.  


  • Built-in, compact, motorized coil inserter roller.
  • 5 Quick-Die Disengagement Pins for or a professional punched holes with multiple paper sizes.
  • Adjustable Side Margin provides evenly centered punches top-to-bottom on any document size.
  • Punching Margin Control - set the correct punch-to-edge margin depth for each coil sizefor easy, lay-flat books.
  • Open Punching Throat w/Continuous Punching Guide allows easy alignment and punching of longer documents over 13 inches.
  • Includes Coil Crimping Pliers! (A $60 Value)

CoilMac-ER (4:1) Manual Coil Punch/Electric Inserter Specifications
Punch Capacity Rated at 12 sheets of 20# bond
Width Capacity 13" open ended
Die Pattern 4:1 round holes
Punch Actuation Handle pull
Inserting Roller Actuation Foot pedal
Electrical 120 volt ac
Dimensions 28" W x 9" H x 26" D
Weight 38 lbs.
Shipping Weight 45 lbs.
Warranty Manufacturer's - 1 Year Limited


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