CoilMac-ER PLUS Manual Punch w/Compact Electric Coil Inserter (4:1 OVAL holes)

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Manual 4:1 coil punch with OVAL holes (4mm x 5mm) plus an integrated powered coil inserter roller - includes crimping pliers! A great value to increase your booklet making productivity.
Punching Capacity: 12 Sheets Round Die Also Available
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The CoilMac-ER PLUS is not your standard manual 4:1 pitch coil punching machine. The integrated electric roller inserter speeds up the process of spinning coils into your booklets with with a simple press of a foot pedal! KAnother handy feature of the CoilMac-ER PLUS is that all 52 of the die pins are fully disengeageable and the 13" open punching throat allow you to create clean, professionally bound documents for nearly any size up to 26 inches. nown for their affordable yet durable, metal machine construction , Akiles coil binding equipment is always simple and easy-to-use.


  • Built-in, compact, motorized coil inserter roller.
  • 52 fully independent, disengagement die pins for or a professional punched holes with any sheet size.
  • Adjustable Side Margin provides evenly centered punches top-to-bottom on any document size.
  • Punching Margin Control - set the correct punch-to-edge margin depth for each coil sizefor easy, lay-flat books.
  • Open punching throat w/continuous punching guide allows easy alignment and punching of longer documents over 13 inches.
  • Includes Coil Crimping Pliers! (A $60 Value)

CoilMac-ER (4:1) Oval Hole Manual Punch/Electric Inserter Specifications
Punch Capacity Rated at 12 sheets of 20# bond
Width Capacity 13" open ended
Die Pattern 4x5mm 4:1 oval holes
Punch Actuation Handle pull
Inserting Roller Actuation Foot pedal
Electrical 120 volt ac
Dimensions 28" W x 9" H x 26" D
Weight 38 lbs.
Shipping Weight 45 lbs.
Warranty Manufacturer's - 1 Year Limited


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