Dual DeLuxe StitchMaster System (includes stand) - SM-A25-DBLHD

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Dual-head heavy-duty stitcher - Includes two StitchMaster SM-25s ganged together, makes two stitches at once, significantly reducing booklet finishing time.
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The DeLuxe Stitcher StitchMaster High Performance is the Graphic Arts Industry’s premier, portable high-quality stitcher. The StitchMaster High Performance is constructed in such a way that two machines may be mounted side-by-side to effectively create a dual-head stitcher at a cost considerably below that of a traditional multi-head stitcher.

Updated in 2015, the DeLuxe StitchMaster High Performance has a more reliable M2000 stitch head and upgraded electronics making it the most reliable product in its class. It's quiet, fast, dependable and inexpensive; ideally suited for small print shops. This sturdy machine has a convenient one-knob adjustment for work thickness and leg adjustment which sets it apart from its competition. This double-headed models come complete with two SM-A25 StitchMasters, the SMK-4 table adaptor and the FSK-1 Floor Stand. The two StitchMasters will slide on the stand to allow for staples to be positioned between 4" and 8" on center.

The StitchMaster High Performance comes standard with parts for 25 gauge or smaller round wire. However, any StitchMaster High Performance can be modified with optional components to accommodate the following wire sizes: 23 or 24 gauge round or 21 x 25 flat. With a capacity from two sheets up to 1/4” (6.4mm), or sixty sheets of 20 pound bond paper, it accommodates both Flat and Saddle stitching. The StitchMaster HP has side stops which are easily adjusted from 2.5” to 26” wide. There are also pop-up pins for convenient corner stitching. In addition, the StitchMaster has movable clinchers for a tight stitch and one knob adjustment for both work thickness and centering the stitch.

The StitchMaster High Performance has a rear contact trip and a foot switch for easy operation and single or continuous stitch modes can be accomplished at the touch of a button. It can clamp either to your own work table or to a heavy duty floor stand, which adjusts vertically from 28” to 42”.

The StitchMaster High Performance can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. The StitchMaster High Performance has a 5” (12.7 cm) throat depth for flat or horizontal stitching and a depth of 9” (22.9 cm) for saddle stitching. The heavy-duty work table is 16” (40.6 cm) wide and adjusts easily for flat or saddle work. The overall height combined is 24” (61.0 cm), the depth is 15” (38.1 cm) and the width is 16” (40.6 cm) with the table and 4” (10.2 cm) without the table.


  • CE Compliant
  • Moveable clinch for flat stitching
  • 16" wide heavy duty table with a 5" throat for flat work or a 9" throat for saddle work
  • Clamps to your worktable
  • Comes complete with side stops and a contact trip and foot switches
  • All round wire machines come standard with our New Stronger Magnetic Swivel
  • Floor stand is included
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 90 Days

M2000 Stitching Head Features:

  • Easy work thickness adjustment - A single screw turn provides accurate, simple adjustment from minimum to maximum thickness
  • Factory set wire straighteners - Virtually eliminates the need for straightener adjustments
  • M2000 redesigned larger magnetic rotator - The exclusive rotator has no moving parts to bind or jam
  • External grip spring - Easier to access and change
  • Reduced operating force - Components have been designed with optimized geometry to reduce operating forces, maximizing the interval between maintenance functions.
  • Wear resistant components - Hardened tool steel parts that extend stitcher life, reduce downtime and lower maintenance.
  • Felt wire oiler / cleaner - Cleans and lubricates, providing greatly extended intervals between maintenance.

Don't forget your stitching wire!


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