Deluxe IMS MiniStitcher

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A powerful yet compact and portable flat stitcher that can handle 2 sheets up to 1/4" thick pieces - the 9" throat depth makes it a perfect solution for bag sealing with hang cards or shelf hangers.
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This flat stitcher from DeLuxe/Bostitch is ideally suited for carding, shelf hangers, hang cards, blister packs and padded envelope packaging as well as flat stitched books from 2 sheets up to 1/4" thick. Its 9 inch throat depth gives you plenty of room for sealing packaging options and it comes standard with Deluxe's New Stronger Magnetic Swivel mechanism.

Foot pedal operation, a solid clincher and easy thickness adjustments along with its compact size make this flat stitcher a portable yet powerful stitching machine for any department or office.

DeLuxe IMS MiniStitcher Specifications
Stitching Wire .25 - .28 gauge round (standard)
21x25 flat wire
Wire Spool Size 5 pound reels
Maximum Thickness 1/4"
Stitch Capacity 25 gauge round wire: 2 sheets - 1/4"
21x25 flat wire: Min: 2 sheets - 1/8"
Max Throat Depth 9"
Overall Dimensions 9" W x 24" H x 13" D
Electrical 115VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A
Shipping Weight 50 lbs.
Net Weight 37 lbs.


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