Destroyit MBM 2604 Paper Shredders - DSH0360L, DSH0361L, DSH0362L

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The Destroyit 2604 cross cut shredder is considered one of our most popular paper shredders. This productive and capable machine can handle a sheet capacity of 23-25 sheets at once and can shred 18 feet per minute. While the 2604 cross cut is destroying your documents, the automatic oiler lubricates the shredder head. This way, the shredder is kept in optimal shape and is guaranteed to perform at its best. The Destroyit 2604 saves electricity with the "ESM" (Energy Saving Mode), an energy saving feature that puts the shredder into sleep mode after one hour of inactivity. The powerful single phase motor is rated for continuous operation without the downtime some of the smaller shredders require. The double protection against overheating keeps the shredder operating at optimum levels and also saves you from spending money on potential repairs. Furthermore, if the cutting shaft breaks or is worn down, both of which are unlikely, it is covered by MBM's lifetime warranty. With the Destroyit 2604 cross cut, you get a first-rate shredder that guarantees efficient performance and unparalleled durability that the Destroyit shredders are known for.

The 2604 cross cut shredder represents the middle ground in the Destroyit family of shredders. This is also what makes it so popular with our customers. For many looking for a centralized office shredder, the 2604 offers the durability and shredding capacity of a commercial grade shredder in a small enough package that can easily fit in the copy room. The Destroyit 2604 comes from a line of models that dates back close to 15 years. Starting with the original 2600, this evolution of shredding technology has continually improved on its own design. During this time period, the 2600 became the 2601. The 2602 became the 2603, and in 2010, the 2604 was born.

The 2604 marked one of the largest improvements in this series' history. Adding a factory installed auto oiler (standard on cross-cut and micro-cut models only) keeps the cutting shaft in optimal condition by cleaning and lubricating automatically, without maintenance from the user. Also added was what MBM has called the Electric Capacity Control or "ECC." It offers a light up panel that measures how much paper can be fed at any given time. The panel lights up in real time as the paper is fed into the cutting throat. Another great improvement in the Destroyit 2604 CC was the addition of a plastic shred bin. As simple as this sounds, durable shred bins have been a much-needed feature that few other companies have pursued. This shredder bin is long-lasting, unlike weak shredder bags or complicated metal frames. The bin deviates from older designs in that it doesn't require the additional moving parts and weight of a pull out bag drawer. As each model improved upon the last, one thing was consistent Destroyit's famous hardened steel cutting shafts. MBM is so confident in their engineering that they include a lifetime guarantee on their cross cut and strip cut cutting shafts.

The best way to judge the quality of the Destroyit 2604 is to actually shred some paper with it. What you will find is that the process is extremely smooth. Instead of focusing on a overly futuristic design, MBM has focused on the details of functionality. Paper fed into an MBM 2604 Cross Cut shredder is pitched at the perfect angle, eliminating snagging and paper hang-ups that are common in lesser shredders. This angle also works to increase performance. By feeding the paper in the sweet spot of the cutting shaft, the shredder is able to take full advantage of the strength and power of the blades.


  • Strip Width: 1/4"
  • Sheet Capacity: 24-27 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 30 ft / min.
  • Security Level: P-2 (Old Level 2)
  • Feed Opening: 10 1/4"
  • Max. Horsepower: 1
  • Dimensions: 18 1/2" D x 19 1/2" W x 34 1/4" H
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Warranty:
    • lifetime limited warranty on cutting shafts and wheels
    • 3 year limited warranty on all other parts, excluding wearables
    • 91 day limited warranty on labor or exchange at MBM's discretion

DESTROYIT 2604 Shredder


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