Excalibur 1000 FoamBoard Cutter - Wall Mount or Stand-Alone

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A high-quality foam board cutter that can be used as a wall-mount or free-standing, ideal for high-volume use, the Excalibur is the top of the line and can cut a variety of materials up to 1/2" thick.
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The Excalibur 1000 features a cutting head with interchangeable utility blades and plastic scoring blade. Also includes a ratchet control making it ideal for cutting rigid PVC up to 1/2" thick. It can make cust up to 63 inches long.

Cutting Line Indicator
There is a clear plastic strip located along the left side of the vertical cutting bar that accurately indicates the cut line. When cutting to crop lines, pencil marks or edges of an image, your site line is your cut line. All four tools cut along the same cutting line.

One Piece Squaring Arm
You'll never have to shim up one side or the other to achieve a perfect 90° cut. The horizontal squaring arm is machined from one single heavy-duty aluminum extrusion so that both the left and right sides are in perfect alignment with each other.

Vertical Cutting Bar
When clamped down, there is no gap between the vertical cutting bar and the surface of the material being cut. It is steel re-enforced and won'’t bend or flex even when cutting dense thick materials like 1/2" Sintra® and Gatorboard®.

Pressure Sensitive Clamp
Light clamping gives you the ability to line up the board to hold position, but allows it to be moved under the clamp for final alignment. The harder the clamping handle is pushed, the firmer the grip on the board.

Ratchet Control
Are you working with extra dense materials like 1/2" thick Sintra® and Gatorboard®? Say goodbye to saw marks and dust! Say hello to beautiful clean edges. The built-in ratchet allows you to cut these materials in multiple passes. Notch the cutter to the depth required, take the cut, repeat notching the cutter until the full depth is reached.

Flip Stops
Two flip stops make cutting to size easy. Flip stops can be engaged or disengaged without disturbing the settings. Accurate cutting by eye is made simple by the dual calibrated scales

Other Features Include

  • Mounted to the wall at the top end only, two telescopic legs can adjust upon installation to suit the height of the user. To use the Excalibur in the middle of workshop floor, specify the optional free-standing kit.
  • Squaring Adjustor Wheel at the top of the Vertical Cutting Bar provides easy and accurate 90° squaring adjustment.
  • Large Back Panels on both sides of the machine give maximum support to the material being cut.

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