External Battery For CP1300/CP1200 Passport Printer NB-CP2L

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Power your CP1300 or CP1200 printer on the go and print passport photos anywhere! This battery charges with the printer's AC adapter and plugs right on the back.

Take your Canon passport system on the road and power your printer with this battery in the field - with no electrical outlet needed! It allows you to operate your printer on the go, in a car, at an event, nearly anywhere! This premium lithium-ion battery is rated at 22.2V with 1600mAh for longer usage. You can charge the battery by installing it on the rear of the printer and plugging in the printer's ac adapter. It surprisingly adds very little weight to the printer. Exactly like the Canon NB-CP2L battery at half the price, it makes a perfect mobile accessory along with the CP1300/CP1200 carrying case.


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