Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder - FD87HDS

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Don't just simply discard a used hard drive. Even if you erase the drive by magnetically degaussing, the data is still not secured. With Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder, all of your confidential data in your hard drive will be protected by physically destroying discarded hard drives.

The FD 87HDS is very easy to use. Simply load a hard drive into one of two cutting chambers and close the safety shield. With the push of a button, the rugged solid steel blades grind the hard drive into random sized pieces 1.6" wide and smaller for desktop hard drives and .19" wide and smaller for laptop drives. The shredded pieces fall into a convenient molded plastic waste bin for proper disposal or recycling.

The FD 87HDS cutting blades are made of hardened steel for strength and durability. Each shredding chamber features a metal safety shield, and its own resettable LED counter to keep an accurate tally of shredded drives. The The LED control panel displays operational status and offers jam protection with Auto Reverse and Auto Stop. Plus, sensors stop the motor automatically if any of the doors are open or the waste bin is full. The powerful metal geared motor is housed in an all-metal cabinet with casters for mobility and is designed for low operational noise. With Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder, your confidential digital data stays out of the wrong hands.


3.5" Desktop Hard Drive2.5" Laptop Hard Drive
Feed Opening: 4.72" (120mm) 3.54" (90mm)
Shred Particle Size: 1.6" (40mm) x random .19" (5mm) x random
Infeed Capacity: 1 hard drive at a time 1 hard drive at a time
Speed: 3 - 4 drives per minute 3 - 4 drives per minute
Dimensions: 19.68" W x 18.5" D x 35" H (500 x 470 x 890mm)
Weight: 1,102 lbs. (500kg)
Security Level: H-6 (DIN 66399 standard)
Power Supply: 220V 20Amp 3 Phase NEMA Plug / Receptacle L1520P / L1520R

Formax FD87HDS Hard Drive Shredder


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