FP-1B Hole Punch - FP-1B

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High capacity, light/medium-duty single hole punch, ideal for large stacks of 20 LB bond paper. Punching Capacity: 300 Sheets/1-3/8" tall stack. 
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Light/medium-duty punch up to 300 sheets of 20 LB bond (1-3/8" tall stack).

The FP-1B is an innovative and efficient paper punching machine that will provide a high volume premium punch with very little effort. Capable to punch up to 300 sheets of paper at one time, it's the perfect tool for a one or two holes punch. It is constructed out of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum material, providing a long-lasting machine with many punching life. FP-1B creates a larger hole punch compare to the standard holes, which will provide a much smoother transition between pages. Work with plastics and laminated products? No problem, the punching machine will puncture through the material and present the same perfect hole like it was paper. It features an adjustable back margin, allows the operator to fully secure the documents before punching. Select from a variety of punch bits sizes including 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. With the FP-1B Paper Punching Machine, you can punch with confidence.

FP-1B Bit Sizes

MM Size Inch Equivalent Actual Inch Size
3mm 1/8" 0.11811"
4mm 3/16" 0.15748
6mm 1/4" 0.23622"
8mm 5/16" 0.314961

Product Details

  • Simple and easy multi-hole punching process by sliding the table
  • Punch up to an impressive 300 sheet of document at one time
  • Very little pressure needed to operate
  • Features a sliding table with adjustable stops providing an efficient work environment
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminium construction
  • Optional extra punches includes 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16" (Sold Separately)


  • One detachable backgage / paper guide
  • Two punch pads (one installed)
  • Two 1/4" bits (1 installed)
  • One Allen wrench


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